After seeing Pascal I am now back at the pool swimming, back walking, I can wear my heels again and I am sleeping much better.
Thanks Pascal

Margaret McAvoy

I thought I would never be pain free again. Years of pain had gone. Now I can do all the things I used to do. My only regret is not going sooner as I feel a lot stronger now. Thanks to the wonders of chiropractic.

Loonam, A.

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The Chiropractic Approach - Natural and Holistic

Chiropractic is a gentle, natural, holistic method of care. We do not use drugs or surgery as we believe the body has its own innate ability to heal and recover. As mentioned, undue levels of stress and injury can disrupt the vital nerve signals causing dis-ease and injury in the body. As chiropractors we aim to stimulate the nerves in the affected areas, therefore reducing the stress response and allowing your body to heal. As such we do not treat your symptoms that are causing you discomfort or pain (such as neck pain, lower back pain, IBS etc) but treat the under lying cause.

This takes time as your body must change and heal from levels of stress and injury which may have been present for a long time.

We primarily use adjustments, these sudden gentle movements act to stimulate the nerves in the affected areas, therefore allowing your body to function normally and return to health. This not only reduces your symptoms but more importantly your will become stronger, healthier, revitalised, re-energised and reinvigorated.

Chiropractic Care

The core belief of all chiropractors is that the body needs constant care, maintenance and nourishment. This includes eating properly, taking regular exercises, stress management and receiving regular chiropractic care. It would be pointless to maintain your body in a weakened state; therefore we must work to improve your overall health, strength and vitality. Remember, our focus is to improve the nerve stimuli being passed back and forth between the brain and body, decreasing the stress response effects and allowing your body to heal. Therefore all treatment programmes are based over a six week intensive course of care, beginning at 3 times per week for up to 6 weeks. This ensures not only relief of symptoms but a restoration of improved nerve function.

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