Problems with my back

My friend told me about In Health Chiropractic, she attends the clinic and I had asked her about it as I was having problems with my back.

My back and neck were always giving me trouble and I was sick of it. My shoulders were always up around my ears with tension and this is affected my whole spine I was in constant pain, albeit not excruciating pain, but none the less it wore me down. It was my excuse not to exercise and that in turn led to weight gain. I could not get wearing the lovely clothes I had in my wardrobe and that was just another anxiety for me.

After a few weeks with Pascal I could feel the difference, I did not move all in one piece, I could navigate the supermarket trolley with ease, and did not waken in the morning stiff and sore. My shoulders gradually moved  to where they should be and I was able to walk straight again.

I am now back at the pool swimming 3 times a week, I go walking at least 3 times a week and I can wear my “heels” again- happy days! The extra movement is helping my internal system to be more regulated (if you get my drift) and I am sleeping better. The weight is coming off, slowly cos I love my food, but I am heading in the right direction. Thanks Pascal!!

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