I find it amazing what I was putting up with before treatment and thinking that’s how it was always going to be. I am delighted with the range of movement I have..

C. Glennon

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Neck pain

As outlined previously all structures of the body are controlled by the nervous system this includes the very sensitive muscles and ligaments that support the spine. Increased levels of stress and injury alter the nerve signals supplying these structures causing them to tighten. This increased level of tension often gives rise to symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and restriction.

Often people can awaken with severe pain which can be called "a creek in the neck" which seemly disappears after a short period. However over many years of repeated episodes the body will slowly weaken giving rise to severe pain and long term damage.

Whatever type of pain you have we can help but remember that to have any degree of pain at all means your body has weakened considerable.

How we can help

By reducing levels of nerve irritation supplying these structures, the muscles and joints are ably to relax there levels of tension therefore not only reducing pain but improving the whole function of the affected area 

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