My husband and I have been attending Dr. Pascal's clinic for over 7 years. My husband with various back problems and myself for trouble with my knee and hip. I first atended Pascal prior to a ski trip, when my knee was weak and I was woried it would affect my skiing. Pascal had me on the slopes within a month! My husband broke his back when he was 2 years old, so he has always had various truble with it. He attends Pascal regularly, everytime he has a problem and Pascal just fixes it! When our daughter was born she attended him too. He was fantastic with her, really gentle and kind. So our whole family are 'Pascal fans' and indeed 'Chiropractic fans' too. The clinic and staff is so relaxed and friendly, and so accommodating. We couldn't recommend Dr. Pascal and his team, higly enough.

Audri Herron

Aprl 2012 

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