Dr. Markey’s waiting room reminds me of a comfortable and much used family lounge. A lady with a tiny baby appears from one of the consultation rooms and goes into a private area to nurse her baby before Dr. Markey performs his next gentle manipulation.

A man who has been crippled by back pain for as long as he can remember, talks to me about his transformation since coming to Dr. Markey.

A comfortable couch by the window seats two schoolchildren reading books from a collection provided, while their younger brother plays quietly with toys from a basket in the nook. Their mother is having a manipulation, secure in the knowledge that her children are in a safe environment.

We all sit under the supervision of the ever good humoured and helpful Patricia who is more than just a secretary. She effortlessly provides after-care guidance and helps a lady into her coat. It’s a busy, warm, welcoming place.

Dr. Pascal appears and cheerfully greets his next patient. He has time for everyone and an innate capacity to communicate and work his magic with enthusiasm. There is a Buddhist quotation which says our every need is provided for on our doorstep. My experience with chiropractic confirms this wisdom. Having suffered the excruciating pain caused by back and neck pain for over twenty years, I had almost giving up on making a full recovery back to health. I had travelled far and wide for solutions and found the long journeys negated the value gained from any therapeutic intervention.

When I first noticed an article about the ‘New Chiropractic clinic opening on Farnham Street’ I decided to take myself there as a last ditch attempt, I had nothing to lose. Dr. Markey was then a newly qualified practitioner and was very impressive but humble when talking about the benefits of chiropractic on the entire system. He read my spine like a book and knew exactly where my problems lay. He was very positive about the benefits and success rate I could expect from therapy.

I committed to attending regularly for a specified number of sessions and quickly began to experience the benefits of chiropractic. I learned the value of an ice pack on the treatment area but despite the severity of my problem began to get relief from the very first treatment. I was assured that at no time must I feel that my ability to pay for sessions should be a barrier to my attending the clinic and something could be negotiated. Fees were nominal and well worth the cost.

That was over ten years ago and I have continued to follow Dr. Markey’s guidance, sometimes over the phone and if necessary by going to the practice for a manipulation. My recent attendance followed a breast cancer diagnosis and the ravaging effects of chemotherapy. My body being under such pressure resulted in my skeletal system being compromised-probably ‘my weakest link’. Dr. Markey has considerable experience of working in this specific area and as I said to Patricia recently, ‘I’m getting my mojo back’. The sleeplessness and discomfort experienced as a result of pain is a considerable drain on the entire system. As a psychotherapist I appreciate the mind/body connection and having referred numerous clients to Dr. Pascal over the years, I know how valuable chiropractic is in speeding up overall recovery in both.

‘Nothing stands alone’ When we experience and appreciate wellbeing, we can only hope to share the positivity of that experience with others. I can truthfully say, Chiropractic has given me back my quality of life, something we all deserve in this busy and sometimes unforgiving world.

O.A. Burns  

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